The Death of the Flea Circus Director

François Simon Janine Weill / François Simon
With the help of his assistant Anja, Ottocaro Weiss wants to put the plague on stage. External circumstances and a lack of a rising generation have forced him to suspend his prevailing passion, a flea circus. As his financier tries to cause an epidemic through the new theatre programme, believing that he can thus save overcivilized mankind, he fails because of Ottocaro Weiss, who exchanges the illusion of theatre with reality...
Director Thomas Koerfer
Year 1972
Screenplay Dieter Feldhausen
Production Thomas Koerfer Film Ltd.
Photography Renato Berta
Music Ernst Kölz
Cast François Simon, Paul Gogel, Norbert Schwientek, Janine Weill
Joseph von Sternberg Preis Mannheim 1973, Cannes Semaine Internationale de la Critique 1973, Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema Pesaro, The London Filmfestival, Chicago Filmfestival, Perth Film Festival, Film International Rotterdam, Filmfestival Teheran, San Francisco International Film Festival, Filmex Los Angeles, Edinburgh International Film Festival, U.A.M.

The Assistant

Paul Burian Paul Burian / Hannelore Hoger

Joseph Marti, a jobless accountant, works for six months at an inventor's house. At the beginning, he's confronted with everyday work. But the more he finds out that his chief's projects don't make any profit, the more Marti himself takes the control, trying to save what's still left to be saved...
Director Thomas Koerfer
Year 1975
Screenplay Dieter Feldhausen, Thomas Koerfer
Production Thomas Koerfer Film Ltd.
Photography Renato Berta
Music Original music of the 19th and 20th centuries
Cast Paul Burian, Ingold Wildenauer, Verena Buss, Nikola Weisse, Wolfram Berger, Hannelore Hoger, Tina Engel
Cannes Semaine Internationale de la Critique 1976, The London Film Festival, Film International Rotterdam, Festival Internacional de Cinema Figueira da Foz (Plaque d'Or), Internationales Forum des Jungen Films Berlin, Perth International Film Festival, Semana International de Cine de Autor Benalmadena, International Film Festival of India New Delhi, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Warsaw Film Festival, Filmpreis der Stadt Zürich und Qualitätsprämie EDI

Alzire or the New Continent

François Simon / Roger Jendly François Simon / Roger Jendly / Thomas Koerfer
Dead for 200 years and yet still very much alive, Voltaire and Rousseau observe the troubles of a small groupe of young actors who want to stage one of Voltaire's plays, called Alzire or the Americans...
Director Thomas Koerfer
Year 1978
Screenplay Dieter Feldhausen
Production Thomas Koerfer Film Ltd. and Filmkollektiv Zurich
Photography Renato Berta
Music Original Latin-American music
Cast François Simon, Roger Jendly, Monika Bleibtreu, Verena Buss, Nikola Weisse, Hans Peter Korff, Rüdiger Vogler
Chicago Filmfestival, Festival du Jeune Cinéma d'Hyères, Filmfestival Florenz, Festival Internacional de Cinema Figueira da Foz (Silver Award), Los Angeles (Filmex), Thessaloniki International Filmfestival

The Passionate

Sunnyi Melles Lutz Weidlich/ Sunnyi Melles
This true story relates at first to the residence of young Goethe in Wetzlar in 1772, describes his unrealisable love for Charlotte Buff, the fiancée of his lawyer friend Kestner, and the suicide of his friend Jerusalem later on. At this point, the movie leaves behind the autobiographical elements and changes into fiction, which makes Goethe suffer the sorrows of young Werther and transforms Charlotte into Lotte...
Director Thomas Koerfer
Year 1981
Screenplay Hans Christoph Buch, Thomas Koerfer
Production Polyphon Hamburg
Photography Thomas Mauch
Music Ernst Kölz
Cast Sunnyi Melles, Lutz Weidlich, Hanns Zischler, Paul Burian, Wolf Kaiser, Sigfrit Steiner
Worldsale Goethe Institute Bonn (International)


Thomas Lücking/ Katharina Thalbach Armin Mueller- Stahl / Krystina Janda
Switzerland in World War II: Anna, a young Polish refugee, comes into an armourer family. The same-aged son Andres finally finds his longawaited playmate. Together with Andres and his beloved grandfather, Anna organises the escape of a Polish internee. The grandfather risks his life and Anna must leave the country. Forty years later, she returns....
Director Thomas Koerfer
Year 1983
Screenplay Thomas Koerfer, Dieter Feldhausen
Production Cactus Film Zurich, prokino Munich and Thomas Koerfer Film Ltd.
Photography Frank Brühne
Music Peer Raben
Cast Armin Mueller- Stahl, Katharina Thalbach, Matthias Habich, Sigfrit Steiner, Thomas Lücking, Agnes Zielinski, Krystyna Janda, Barbara Freier
Mostra Internationale del Cinema Venezia 1983 (Official Competition), OCIC Award, Festival Internacional de Cinema Figueira da Foz (Silver Award), Internationales Filmfestival Berlin / Deutsche Sektion, Internationales Filmfestival Moskau, Chicago Filmfestival, Filmpreis der Stadt Zürich und Qualitätsprämie EDI

Concert for Alice

Towje Kleiner/ Beate Jensen Towje Kleiner/ Beate Jensen
Here is the story of a famous Russian flute-player who emigrates to Switzerland. While desperately trying to find a job, he meets Alice, a young and beautiful streetmusician. Enchanted and fascinated by her and her playing, he pretends to be a rich patron...
Director Thomas Koerfer
Year 1985
Screenplay Lev and Alexander Shargorodsky, Thomas Koerfer
Production Condor Productions Ltd.
Photography Martin Fuhrer
Music Louis Crelier
Cast Beate Jensen, Towje Kleiner, Anne- Marie Blanc, Erwin Parker
Filmfestival Wien 1986, Filmfestival Brüssel 1987

All Out

Dexter Fletcher/ Fabienne Babe Dexter Fletcher/ Fabienne Babe
At the beginning, there's a bank robbery - the plan seems to be perfect: Angelo and Ciccio empty the bank while Paul waits for his accomplices in the car. But their plan gets out of control, because of two armed men who stand in their way. Paul gets away on time, Ciccio is deadly wounded, and Angelo escapes with the money and Julia, the daughter of the owner of the bank, as his hostage to Italy. A fatal love affair begins...
Director Thomas Koerfer
Year 1990
Screenplay Thomas Koerfer, Joachim Hammann, Bernard Stora
Production Thomas Koerfer Film Ltd., Stella Film Munich, Crocodile Films Paris
Photography Lukas Strebel
Music Jean-Paul Petit
Cast Dexter Fletcher, Fabienne Babe, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Peter Fritz
Cattolica Film Festival 1990 (Offizieler Wettbewerb), Internationales Filmfestival Moskau, Internationales Filmfestival Kairo

Green Henry

Assumpta Serna / Thibault de Montalembert Florence Darel / Thibault de Montalembert
The night before a duel, Green Henry reflects upon his moving youth. The time was dominated by his early affection for his cousin Anna, who suffers from an incurable sickness, and a sensual actress, called Judith, who teaches Green Henry how to forget his first love...
Director Thomas Koerfer
Year 1991
Screenplay Peter Müller, Thomas Koerfer, Barbara Jago
Production Condor Films, Toro Films, Osby Films in Coproduction with SRG/ ZDF/ ORF
Photography Gérard Vandenberg
Music Bruno Coulais
Cast Thibault de Montalembert, Florence Darel, Assumpta Serna, Matthias Gnädinger, Nadja Uhl, Dominique Sanda
Calcutta International Film Festival, Internationales Filmfestival Moskau