Thomas Koerfer Edition DVD box set
Thomas Koerfer's eight key cinematic works have been digitally remastered in 2006 and are available in a special box set - the Thomas Koerfer Film Edition. Most of the films are now also available as single editions. Please see links below.

DVD Edition The Death of the Flea Circus Director

DVD cover of The Death of the Flea Circus Director
Ottocaro Weiss, the director of a flea circus, is on the verge of disaster. His "big cats", his fleas, have been poisoned! Ottocaro switches from the circus to the theater, and, with the help of his young assistant Anja, brings the plague to the stage. Shady Dr Moosbrugger secures the financing, backed up by the powerful Wagner, who means to lead human civilisation back to its primordial state by unleashing a genuine epidemic. But he hasn't reckoned with Ottocaro's courage...

> François Simon turns in a masterful performance! Superb!

Audio: Deutsch / Subtitles: Français, English / Format: 4:3 / Duration: 108 Min. / PAL all regions

DVD Edition The Assistant

DVD cover of The Assistant
Tobler the inventor summons Joseph Marti from the unemployment office to his home in the Villa Abendstern, where the young man finds more than just clerical work. During a series of long evenings, Joseph becomes the confidant of the lady of the house, a person of refined sentiment. A cautious love affair burgeons as the economic health of the Tobler household grows ever more precarious...

> An extraordinarily sensitive version of Robert Walser's novel. Beautifully filmed.

Audio: Deutsch / Subtitles: Deutsch, Franšais, English / Format: 16:9 / Duration: 116 Min / PAL all regions

DVD Edition Alzire or the New Continent

DVD cover of Alzire or the New Continent
A troupe of young theatre performers is divided in its desires: there are the devotees of classical theatre, the back-to-the-landers, the advocates of free love and the proponents of performing political theatre with indios. And all of this is observed and commented on by two eccentric tramps, Rousseau and Voltaire, dead for 200 years and yet still very much alive...

> Humour and high-level philosophy rolled into one - a filmic treat for the brain.

Audio: Deutsch, Franšais / Subtitles: English / Format: 16:9 / Duration: 111 Min. / PAL all regions

DVD Edition The Passionate

DVD cover of The Passionate
Young Goethe loves Charlotte Buff; Charlotte, however, is already engaged to his lawyer colleague, Kestner; and Jerusalem, Goethe's friend, is driven to suicide by an unhappy romance. At this point the film catapults its figures out of autobiographical reality and into fiction: Goethe becomes Werther and Charlotte Buff becomes Lotte. Werther, distressed by unrequited love, commits suicide. An old man now, Goethe recalls the amatory confusions he once mined for "The Sorrows of Young Werther" as the fireworks of his own youthful love life.

> Filled with passionate love - Sunnyi Melles is enchanting as the young Lotte.

Audio: Deutsch / Subtitles: Franšais, English, Espag˝ol / Format: 4:3 / Duration: 110 Min. / PAL all regions

DVD Edition Embers

DVD cover of Embers
Korb, an arms manufacturer, is doing a booming business exporting weapons to the Third Reich while his bored wife amuses herself with her brother-in-law. When the Polish refugee Anna arrives at their stately home, their son Andres sees his wish for a playmate to relieve his loneliness at long last fulfilled. Years later, the two will enter into a lopsided love affair. First, however, they must prove their mettle by helping a Polish internee escape during a Swiss general's visit. Andres' beloved grandfather risks his life for the children's plan...

> This opulently filmed saga of a Swiss weapons manufacturer during World War II is multifaceted, gripping and devastating.

Audio: Deutsch / Subtitles: Franšais, English, Italiano / Format: 16:9 / Duration: 109 Min. / PAL all regions

DVD Edition Concert for Alice

DVD cover for Concert for Alice
Ljowa, a Russian flute virtuoso, meets Alice, a charming busker, and claims to be a rich patron of the arts. He will help her fulfill her greatest wish, to mount a production of Vivaldi's concerto for flute. But she wises up to his scheme and puts him in his place, both in the concert hall and in her heart. The lovers are whisked away into romance on a gondola...

> An irresistible romantic comedy. It turns Zurich into an enchanted city and uses Vivaldi's music as a direct route to the audience's heart.

Audio: Deutsch, Franšais / Subtitles: Franšais, English / Format: 16:9 / Duration: 86 Min. / PAL all regions

DVD Edition All Out

DVD cover of All Out
Following a failed bank robbery, Angelo (Dexter Fletcher) takes Julia (Fabienne Babe) as a hostage. She defends herself against him as best she can, but her initial animus gives way to an explosive relationship built on mutual dependence. While Ciccio (Uwe Ochsenknecht) arranges their escape to Genoa, their pursuers are tightening the noose around their necks...

Fabienne Babe: "Devilishly seductive!"
Dexter Fletcher: "Brutally sensual"
Uwe Ochsenknecht: "A mature, masterful performance"

Audio: Deutsch, Franšais, English / Subtitles: Deutsch, Franšais / Format: 16:9 / Duration: 111 Min. / PAL all regions

DVD Edition Green Henry

DVD cover of Green Henry
Amid the romantic confusions of the Carnival season, Henry, a young painter, challenges his best friend Lys to a duel. He has been cheated, and his patience is evidently at an end. Since he was a child Henry has been in love with the bewitching Anna, his soulmate - until he meets the seductive Judith... Is Henry plunging himself into the duel to avenge himself on his friend, or does he want to exculpate his own betrayal?

> A sensuous, erotic love story - enchantingly beautiful storytelling and acting.

Audio: Deutsch, Franšais / Subtitles: Franšais, English / Format: 16:9 / Duration: 110 Min. / PAL all regions